2022-12-05 18:37:45
Sudan | DARC Foundation (Diaspora of The African Rastafari Congress)

Marshal Farik lbrahim Abboud, President of the Supreme Council, Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces, and President of the Republic of the Sudan was born in 1900 at Mohamed-Gal near the Red Spa. Educated in the Department of Engineering at Gordon Memorial College in Khartoum, and in the United Kingdom, he joined the Military Academy as a cadet, and was commissioned as 2nd Lieutenant in the Sudanese battalion of the Egyptian Army. Before he assumed his present office, Marshall lbrahim Abboud was a military engineer, a staff officer in the Camel Corps, Commander of the Sudanese Service Corps, Principal Staff Officer of the Sudanese Defense Force, a Major-General and the first native born Commander of the Sudanese Armed Forces.

His Excellency President Abboud has received many decorations for the distinguished roles he played in World War II campaigns against Italy in Libya and Ethiopia. He has proved himself as a tough soldier, distinguished himself as an able leader, and proven himself as an energetic administrator. As a man of valor, courage, and discipline, he has earned not only a name, but also a respect and an admiration from the entire world. As a far-sighted statesman, knowing that a new day will dawn for the Sudanese people, in the face of opposition, extremely hard times, and political intrigues, he still struggles for the realization of social reforms, a fair and just administration, and the progress of the Sudan at an accelerated speed.

Most of the plans has had on paper, are now fulfilled. He has also demonstrated his ability to create order, do away with corruption, organize the economy, and increase production. His former opponents are now his supporters. H. E. President Abboud is nothing but an exemplification of the Sudanese people in courage, character, and resourcefulness.