2022-12-05 18:52:01
Sierra Leone | DARC Foundation (Diaspora of The African Rastafari Congress)

Sir Milton Margai, the 65-yearold Prime Minister of Sierra Leone, was born at Gbangbatoke of a family of eighteen children of whom he is the eldest. He is a very deeply religious man, belonging to the Evangelical United Brethren Church, in whose schools he was educated. He qualified as a medical doctor in Britain in 1926.

His knowledge about every village and district in his country, which he acquired during his years of medical practice, gives him a wider understanding of his country’s problems, unmatched by any politician in the country.

He turned the Sierra Leone Organization Society, founded to further agricultural development and cooperation, into a political party. He was the brain behind the first Chief’s Conference in Rotifunk, which later led to the first political association culminating in the final milestone in the country’s destiny. Sir Milton was unanimously chosen as the first prime minister of Sierra Leone. This achievement assures him of a niche and perfect place in the history of his country.

The Prime Minister is a frail and quiet man, very simple and unostentatious. He is reserved but astute in politics, whose uncanny insight puts him on equal footing with contemporary politicians of West Africa. Observers say he is warm and enjoyable in private conversations, but rather shy and self-conscious in public speaking. He is also frank and straightforward as leader of great probity. Asked about the problems his country faces, he said, “We have many problems, but meet these, we have also a great deal of courage, purpose and determination. Our difficulties are not insuperable. We shall surmount them because we the unified will of our people is that they should be surmounted.”

In it Prime Minister, Sierra Leone a statesman, a leader, and a father for whom April 27th 1961 marked the fulfillment of his cherished dreams, and the realization of all his lifelong ambition.