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Morocco | DARC Foundation (Diaspora of The African Rastafari Congress)

King Hassan II, Head of State of the Kingdom of Morocco, and the son of late King Mohammed V, was Loin on July 9th, 1927 at the city of Rabat. He accomplished most of his early Arabic and Western education under private tutors in Morocco. Later on, he obtained a degree in law at Bordeaux University. He has always been assisting his father in both government, and in private affairs. In 1953 when King Mohammed V, the national symbol of resistance to French rule, was deported to Corsica and then to Madagascar (Malagasy), by the French authorities, he was closely associated to him.

In 1955 he returned with his father to the homeland, continued the long and arduous struggle for the liberation of Morocco, and assisted him in the negotiations in Paris, which resulted in Morocco’s independence in 1956.

Among other things, he was Supreme Commander of the Moroccan Army, which under him was completely reorganized; Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Defense; and Chairman of National Commission for the Construction of the city of Agadir, which was destroyed by an earthquake of 1960.

In 1957, he was formally declared Crown Prince and heir apparent to the throne. In the absence of his father, he carried government responsibilities, and played increasing roles in the political life of Morocco, which, apparently, have earned him a name among his countrymen.  As Crown Prince he was known as Mouly Hassan. When King Mohammed died, he became King Hassan II.