2022-11-28 01:47:11
H.I.M. Emperor Haile Selassie I Speech on Health | DARC Foundation (Diaspora of The African Rastafari Congress)

H.I.M. Divine Words of Wisdom

“… Just as education assures the development and well being of man, so must man’s body be free from the scourge and ravages of illness and disease.”

DARC vision is a healthy and productive RasTafari population that contributes to socio-economic growth and national development. One purpose of the Diaspora African Ras Tafari Congress is, in essence, the securing of the “highest attainable standard of health” to everyone within the Great Ras Tafari Nation without distinction of religion, political belief, economic or social position.

In order to realize this aspiration, DARC endeavor to establish public health facilities throughout Our Nation.