Mr. Leon M’Ba, chief of state, and President of the Gabon Republic was born in 1902 in Libreville. He studied in a Catholic school and wound up in the College de Sainte Marie. President M’Ba is extremely intelligent, able and at the same time far-sighted. Like many African leaders he has served his country in a variety of positions and capacities.

In the days when his country was administered by the French, he was head of a canton, leader of the Gabon Democratic Bloc, for whose cause in general, but Gabon in particular, he wrote a number of articles in newspapers, that were found creditable in shaping public opinion.

Mr. Leon M’Ba at one time was elected, and re-elected to the Territorial Assembly of Gabon. He was mayor of the city of Libreville, Vice-President and President of the Governing Council of Gabon and contributed a lot in bringing about unity to the country. In 1958, when Gabon became self-governing, but within the French Community, he became Prime Minister of the Provisional Government, and later on, President of the Republic, elected by the people of Gabon.