2022-12-05 18:23:03
Burundi | DARC Foundation (Diaspora of The African Rastafari Congress)

His Majesty Mwami Mwambusta IV of the Kingdom of Burundi was born in the town of Murwvya in 1912. At the age of three, when his father Mutaga died, he succeeded him to the royal thrown, and ruled through the aid of a regent council.

Both the Germans and the Belgians who exercised authority in his country, recognized him as the ruler of Burundi. On December 16, 1915, the official coronation ceremony took place. Later, the regency, which used to assist the sovereign in carrying out his duties, was dismissed. Since then, he has been governing the country by himself. His Majesty’s position as head of state was consolidated on July 1, 1962, when Burundi became an independent state.