H. E. Maurice Yameogo, President of the Council of Ministers and Minister for Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Upper Volta, was born in 1921 in the town of Koudougou. After completing his secondary school studies at Pabret, he began his career as a teacher.

Of the many posts he has held in the past, mention has to be made of the Territorial Assembly and the Grand Council of French West Africa, to both of which, he was elected and has made substantial contribution.

At one time, he was an active member of the French Confederation of Christian Workers, and became vice-president of the Confederation’s Territorial Office. He was also a member of the Voltaic Democratic Rally, minister of agricultural economy, minister of interior, minister of information, minister of justice, of war veterans, and last but not least, president of the Government Council of Upper Volta. Among other things, he encouraged his country to join the Conseil de l’Entente.

It is natural and right therefore, that a man of his caliber and sagacity should rise to eminence and prestige to lead his people to a prosperous era.