Commemorations and celebrations are always great, no doubt. Nevertheless it’s always been, and always will be the actions of the celebrator that enable us to celebrate.



Today as we bask in the glory of the Great Coronation of Africa Zion Divine Negus Negast Qedamawi Haile Sellassie 1st, lets us not forget our responsibilities.

The Diaspora African Ras Tafari Congress recognizes that a ship without a rudder often drifts waywardly and is at the mercy of the elements. DARC is therefore charged with the responsibility to spearhead the Ras Tafari renaissance. With a new paradigm of accountability and transparency, and an assignment entitled “Fulfillment of the Creed”, the Great Ras Tafari Nation will have countless new reasons to celebrate and commemorate in the future.

We in the Secretariat department recognize that we have a major task before us, however we are up to the challenge. Working with this team of stalwart Ras and Empress has been a dream come true and is the foundation of our confidence. We have been privileged to witness DARC as she has metamorphosed from her cocoon into an entity that everyone within the Great Ras Tafari Nation should be proud of.

Although we have a long, way to go, the foundation has been laid. With your support our Great Nation will triumph. Thank you in advance for you contribution.


Fiqir ena Selam,


Sister I-Chelle
General Secretary


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DARC is committed to help bring about the necessary changes thereby restoring dignity to the Great RasTafari Nation.