“Hungry Be Fed” Initiative


DARC’s “Hungry Be Fed” initiative reinforces the need for the staff of life.

Everyone deserves that basic right to a good food and good education. This reality reinforces the saying, ‘teach a man how to fish and you feed him for life’.

“Let The Hungry Be Fed” funds drive initiative is a promotional campaign geared towards proving for Haile Selassie High School Student, in Jamaica W.I.  The goal is to help provide meals to those families in need.

With so many within our Great Nation struggling with hunger, it is going to take efforts from many people like you to help alleviate this problem. There are many ways to help in the cause, get involved together we got problems to solve.

Your donation represents a gift to the innocent youth.  Support DARC’s mission for “Fulfillment Of The Creed”, and eradicate hunger.

Please check your neighborhood stores for the “Let The Hungry Be Fed” canister with the yellow label and DARC logo.


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