Melkam Coronation Day 2018


On November 2nd 1930 more than 72 nations ascended on the New Flower (Addis Ababa, Ethiopia) for an unprecedented event. The Great Coronation of Africa Zion Divine Negus Negast Haile Sellassie (Qädamawi Haylä Səllasé) was the first of its kind.


Born Lij Tafari Makonnen Woldemikael, the ascending King Tafari Makonnen broke from tradition and ensured that both the Empress Menen Asfaw (Baptismal name Wolete Giyorgis) and Emperor Haile Sellassie were crowned within the same ceremony.


DARC  herein extends Ethiopic solutions to the Great Ras Tafari Nation and all the inhabitants of the world on this 84 anniversary.


Silver Jubilee of the Great Coronation (1955)