DARC High School Scholarship for Student at Haile Sellassie High School in Kingston, Jamaica!


Ladies and Gentlemen,

Tena Yistilign;

It gives me great pride to be here today, at this institution that was donated to Jamaica by HIM Haile Sellassie 1st. It is also an honor that I have been given an opportunity to represent DARC at such a huge occasion!

First to the Guidance Councilor’s department here is a token of DARC’s appreciation for the great job being done as educators and caretakers of the nation’s future. We trust that you will find both the kettle and refrigerator useful in the fulfillment of your duties.

They say fortune favors the brave and it indeed takes a lot for a youth of such tender age; to juggle motherhood and education in particular when they lack the bare necessities. Your level of scholastic achievement has been absolutely top-notch because of your sheer determination. So without further ado, the recipient of DARC’s 2013 scholarship fund, Rudesha Heaven!

Congratulations Miss Heaven! Could you please say a few words about your experience?

Pictures supplied by DARC's photographers in Jamaica.







By Ikeeni Lowe

Up dated on October 31 2013


As a pass student of such a noble and Haile institution, it was my deepest honor along with the Diaspora African RasTafari Congress Americas (DARC) to grant one of the young and upcoming achiever at the Haile Selassie High School, a scholarship valued JA$ 20,000.00 dollars and to the guidance council department two electrical appliances a kettle and a refrigerator.

The Handing over of DARC's Contribution to HSHCDC

The High School Community Support Organization Receiving DARC Contribution

A tritely historic day it was marked on October 10th 2013, where members of the (DARC) Americas such as Ras Achiyana, Ras Crazy, Ras Black and myself Iyata Caya an alumni of the DARC family, made a general appearance to the Haile Selassie High School.

As I presented young Miss Rasheda Heavens with her scholarship on behalf of DARC Americas, she was shocked and surprise but thankful of the donation given to her.


Her remarks were, "thank God, and much thanks to the DARC foundation for this one-in-a-million prize offer". The guidance council Miss Jaclyn Brian was tritely thankful for all the donations made by DARC. Miss Brian commended Resheda on the excellent academic achievement that she have made, by passing two Caribbean Examination Council (CXC) subject in grade ten and also attaining the highest GPA in her school. The staff was also pleased with the presentation and donation given unto them which marks the start of a new global movement for the school.

Ras Achiyana and other members of DARC took snaps of various angles surrounding the school compound. They visited the school’s main sporting area centrally located at the back where field sports take place, such as foot ball, running and other field activities.

They also took snaps of the auditourm where school seminars and functions are being held.

Upon our visit at the Haile Selassie High School, we came across members of the Haile Selassie High Community Development Committee where we spoke of ways of re-building the school and giving a face-lift to the surrounding communities.

We also lament on their major project, a fundraising event for the Haile Selassie High School the 2nd of November 2013 on the school grounds.



The festival begins at 11am-7pm with the kid’s fun day, their will arts and craft display, various vending areas and prizes for the youths. From 6pm-2am will be the stage show with several artiest such as Jah Bouks, Sizzla, and many more.


It’s a power and a glory to see how ones-and-ones coming together, building a oneness via unification where wisdom extends knowledge. Give thanks to DARC Americas for making this movement a possibility.


 "Fiqir Ena Selam"-Love and Peace