DARC Fights Malaria with it's “Infant Cared For Initiative”



RasTafari in the Americas are concerned with the welfare of all Africans, those at home and those abroad.  We are in sympathetic accord with the aspirations of the African Union. Our desire is to help build Africa to insure the good health, economic growth, and development needed, for example, to decrease the alarming infant mortality rates, and increase the life expectancy of Africans. Tragically, Africa’s infant mortality rate and Africans' life expectancy are among the worst in the world today. Malaria kills over 596,000 people in Africa annually, of which 86% are children. DARC is devoted to supporting African countries in the permanent eradication of malaria and other diseases.

DARC have therefore secured mosquito nets and will deliver these protective nets to the country and region as needed.